Our offer to YOU  ...BIODIESEL

Environmentally friendly transportation at a competitive price conveniently delivered to your business. Due to the cost of vehicles and equipment consumers need a fuel which meets quality standards and does not cause damage to equipment or loss of revenue. Greentech Biofuels biodiesel satisfies the basic needs consumers seek in diesel, 
these are:


·         Premium B50 biodiesel (50 percent standard diesel and 50 percent biodiesel).



·      Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine without requiring any modifications, no added cost to consumer to shift from diesel to biodiesel.

·         Priced competitively, please inquire for the current fuel price.



·       No reduction in horsepower, torque or fuel consumption is experienced while operating on Greentech Biofuels biodiesel.


Assurance and guarantee

·     Operating under trade licence from Biofusion with a 4 year proven product utilised in the market.

·   Biodiesel analysed and report provided by Wear Check according to SANS 342 (view report) diesel specifications.

·         Product liabilities cover of R2.5 million.

·         Constant supply of biodiesel as per consumers need without experiencing shortages.


Convenience and service

·         Delivered to your business.

·         Onsite tank provided and maintained by Greentech Biofuels at no cost to you.

·         Ability to monitor and evaluate biodiesel consumption onsite.

However, Greentech Biofuels biodiesel provides added value and benefits as opposed to standard diesel, these are:

Environmentally friendly

·      Biodiesel is environmentally friendly, it produces up to 75 percent less exhaust emissions and the exhaust emissions emitted are 80 percent cleaner.

·         28p.p.m sulphur content.

·         80 percent less hydro carbons are produced when using biodiesel.

·         Biodiesel degrades approximately four times faster than standard diesel after spillage.

·    Recycles all waste cooking oil collected from fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels and catering concerns into biodiesel



·         Lubricates the engine and decreases the wear on the engine.

·         Cleans the engine components and prolongs the life of the fuel injectors.

·         Diesel engines operating on biodiesel will not produce black smoke.


Innovative sustainability

·      Increasingly consumers are supporting businesses which practice reducing their environment  effect on the environment. For the businesses that purchase Greentech Biofuels biodiesel their brands credibility is strengthened in terms of environmental best practices in the minds of their consumers. By utilising biodiesel for business operations the consumers gain a competitive advantage in the market and will experience an increase in revenue.


Carbon neutral

·    Greentech Biofuels biodiesel will aid a business in realising a neutral carbon output and conduct business activities without being in detriment to the community or environment thus ensuring the survival of the earth for generations.


Greentech Biofuels added services

·        The business provides technical support and advice with regards to the installation and approval of an onsite tank.

·      As well as technical support and advice on the use of biodiesel and maintenance of engines operating on biodiesel.

·         Initial training provided to staff and ongoing technical support is made available.

·         Efficient and friendly service is a cornerstone to business culture and upheld at all times.

·         Services provided at no cost to the consumer.


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